The unparalleled know-how and the best flour in the market make the bread that is baked every day in “Vyzantion” one of the best in Athens. Our bakers share the same passion for tradition and hard work. Our range of loaves of bread is constantly growing, the most recent arrivals being Borodinsky and Vegipan.

bread 7


Pastries in “Vyzantion” have been made with the same recipes for 60 years. Butter tarts, such as apple pie and “pasta flora” (cherry pie) with crumbly dough and sweet jam, traditional “tsoureki” (sweet Easter bread) and handmade “melomakarona” (a honey-flavored dessert) and “kourampiedes” (Christmas almond cookies), satisfy the most demanding palates.

cherry pie 4


Whether it’s a morning that requires more of a ritual or one that you are in a hurry, your body needs energy. Thessaloniki bun, combined with delicious fillings, traditional and modern cookies and cakes that accompany Danesi coffee, and of course snacks such as handmade pies, pizza, and brioche, are prepared just before the bakery opens and are the first bakes, along with the bread.

pita with veggies


We usually link healthy eating with tasteless food. After a lot of research, “Vyzantion” has included in its daily menu high-nutrition and low-fat bakery products. There are several options now for a vegan and vegetarian diet.

oatmeal bars 2