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A freshly baked and delicious loaf is a must-have supplement to the daily or festive table.

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Whether you like fresh tart’s, Easter “tsoureki” (sweet bread), crisp “kourabiedes” (Christmas almond cookies) and traditional “melomakarona” (a honey-flavored dessert), we have something for every yearning.

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Fresh fillings, a variety of loaves of bread and of course Greek pies for a kick start of the day.

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Who said that we cannot enjoy Vyzantion’s bakery snacks without feeling guilty?


The story begins in 1958 when Panagiotis Tsalis, born in Epirus where bakers in Greece come from, trained in the bakery that his older brothers opened in Mavili Square, decides to stand alone, opening his first store, initially at Dexamenis Square, and a few years later transferring to Agiou Meletiou Street in the 60’s middle-class district of Kypseli. With a steady clientele of artists, intellectuals, residents of Kypseli and regular customers from across Athens, “Vyzantion” quickly became a reference point in Athens.

Nowadays, this changed multicultural and colorful neighborhood of Athens finds “Vyzantion” in its place, preserving its historic aroma with modern touches. Headed by Constantinos Tsallis, who represents the 2nd generation of bakers in the family, “Vyzantion” insists on quality, in spite of the difficult times, and continues to have the predominant desire and value of servicing the customers who supported and continue to support this historic bakery.

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“My cheese-spinach pie was not random; it was eponymous, made by “Vyzantion”, this stunning bakery in Agiou Meletiou Street … this bakery has preserved all the traditional recipes and knows the baker’s secrets. Every time I pass by, I notice that this shop has resisted and has not become a fashion shop.”

Pericles Korovesis, Eleftherotypia, 30/12/1996

“The neighborhood is in a festive mood on Easter’s Eve, since the customers of the bakery at Agiou Meletiou Str, between September 3rd Str and Patission Str, flock from all over Athens for its Tsoureki (sweet Easter bread) that is flavored with mahlab, mastic and a little bit of orange.”

Kiki Triantafylli, bostanistas.gr, 11/4/2017

“In 1958, Mr. Tsallis opened this small shop in the neighborhood of artists and theaters; it baked real bread, handmade pies, and cookies, cakes, and brioches that flavored fresh butter and day-old eggs.”

Zoe Papaphotiou, alatikaipiperi.gr, 8/12/2014

“I buy my bread and Thessaloniki-bagels from Vyzantion at Agiou Meletiou Street.

Zoi Papadopoulou, www.lifo.gr, 2/4/2014